Community Networks of Specialized Care

Valor & Solutions, acting for Valoris, the accountable agency, is the lead for the Eastern Region Community Network of Specialized Care (CNSC).
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Mandate of the Community Networks of Specialized Care in Ontario

To serve adults with developmental disabilities with complex and multiple needs by:

  • Coordinating supports and services within and across sectors (developmental services, health, mental health and justice sectors), by providing complex support coordination for individuals;
  • Acting as a resource to service agencies;
  • Building system capacity to better support individuals with complex needs through education, mentorship and support to other case managers and service agencies; and
  • Providing provincial coordination of videoconferencing and French Language specialized resources (La Ressource).

Eligibility Criteria for CNSC Supports and Services

Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) is responsible for identifying DS eligible adults with developmental disabilities who have High Support Complex Care Needs (HSCCN) and who are appropriate for referral to the CNSC for Complex Support Coordination (including Health Care Facilitation) and/or Dual Diagnosis Justice Case Management.


Key Functions of CNSC

Staff Roles and Key Functions

Complex Support Coordination

A New Function

Complex Support Coordination (CSC) may be required when the available resources are not sufficient to address a person’s needs and/or when all existing resources within the local system have been exhausted. The Complex Support Coordinator provides the right type of services and supports at the right time and place that span the service continuum/system. Services and supports are based on what is appropriate for the person (e.g., from intensive to less intensive needs).


Dual Diagnosis Justice Case Management

The Dual Diagnosis Justice Case Managers (DDJCM) have worked collaboratively alongside other court support workers and discharge planners to support court diversion of people with developmental disabilities and/or dual diagnosis.

These positions are currently housed and offered through the Canadian Mental Health Association, Ottawa Branch. For more information, please visit their website.

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Health Care Facilitation

  • Support and educate primary health care providers and non-developmental services agencies about people with complex and multiple needs. This includes developing and implementing resources and tools, such as the Primary Care Guidelines.
  • Provide support to developmental services agencies so that they feel equipped to better address the health care requirements of people with complex and multiple needs.
  • Identify specialized training needs and gaps, and provide trends to agencies so they can better support people with complex and multiple needs.
  • Provide information to people with complex and multiple needs, caregivers, service providers and staff regarding community health care systems.
  • Facilitate and/or complete referrals and linkages to appropriate medical resources and social services.
  • Develop linkages between health care professionals within the developmental services community, and share the knowledge with the existing developmental services community.

Service System Resources

The mandate of the French Language Specialized Services Resource (La Ressource) is to improve access to specialized clinical services in French province-wide, thus improving local service delivery in collaboration with Ontario agencies serving Francophone adults with developmental disabilities and mental health needs and/or challenging behaviours and complex needs. La Ressource is led by the accountable agency, Valor & Solutions. La Ressource compliments the CNSC in executing its four functions in order for Francophones to have access to specialized services in French.

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