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When you think of an administrative coordinator, what comes to your mind? For us, it's pretty clear. We don't see Excel spreadsheets or an old burgundy desk with piles of paper. Rather, we see a person in control, capable of developing solid relationships, someone who has an impact on a lot of projects and, above all, who sees beyond the simple task before him/her. Because that's what working at Valor & Solutions is all about: seeing further and trying to have an impact on our living environments, both personal and professional.

By becoming an administrative coordinator at Valor & Solutions, not only you will have the opportunity to see far ahead, but we will also have the opportunity to see farther because of you, with you and for you.

The basis of our offer to you
- A salary of $48,000 to $63,000
- A permanent full-time job, with flexible hours as needed.
- A guarantee to work in hybrid mode.
- Up-to-date tools to do a job that matches your abilities.
- A welcome that feels human and genuine. You are way more than just a number.
- A professional development plan 100% personalized to your needs and objectives.

In your role you will be able to
- Demonstrate strong professional judgment by making quick decisions.
- Use your critical judgment to structure work efficiently.
- Develop, plan, support, coordinate and all the other words that position you as the "go-to" person for colleagues and clients on a variety of projects.
- Perform administrative tasks to ensure the smooth running of operations and the work environment.
- Participate in the achievement of organizational objectives.
- Offer suggestions to improve the work environment, our services or anything else that will build the Valor & Solutions of tomorrow.

When you see a person, you think that their potential is infinite? The relationship you have with your colleagues must be positive and based on trust? You don't hesitate to call on the talents of others to complement your own? Are you comfortable working with computer tools and graphic design? When you are asked to work at a fast pace with multiple deadlines, do you say "I can handle it"? If you answered "yes" to any of these statements, you've just confirmed that this job is for you.

Desired profile
- College or university degree in business administration or related field.
- Three (3) years of experience in administrative and/or management support.
- Bilingual (written and oral).
- Impeccable organizational skills, A+ priority management and autonomy.
- Collaboration and communication are in your nature.



Valor & Solutions is a bilingual, not-for-profit organization based in Ottawa that serves the Eastern Ontario region. We do what we do because we want to create conditions that are conducive to the development of individuals. The people we work with have a diagnosis of
intellectual disability or dual diagnosis, and present challenging behaviours or have complex medical needs. Is it important to you that your job has a meaning, that it helps improve someone's life?That's the definition of a Clinical Coordinator with us.

At Valor & Solutions, you will have
- A salary of $58,000 to $76,000.
- A contract for a maternity leave replacement. It lasts 12 months, but we tend to work very hard to make room for the best afterwards.
- Full-time employment, flexible hours as needed.
- Guaranteed hybrid work.
- Up-to-date tools to do a job that matches your abilities.
- A welcome that feels human and genuine. You are way more than just a number.
- A professional development plan 100% personalized to your needs and objectives.

Your role at Valor & Solutions
Plan, recommend, equip, assist and participate in meeting the needs of the people we support
in our service mission.

More specifically, you will be able to
- Be the clinical reference for other professionals.
- Reduce the risk of crisis by planning prevention, intervention and support.
- Shape support plans that truly meet the needs of those supported.
- Position yourself as a leader in your field by educating and training other human service professionals.
- Do extensive collaborative work with partners in other sectors.
- Participate in achieving organizational goals.
- Offer your suggestions for improving the work environment, our services or anything else that will build the Valor & Solutions of tomorrow.

Is this for you?
When you see a person, you tell yourself that their potential is infinite? Do you believe in the complementarity of expertise and use it as a tool to go even further in your work? Is abandonment not part of your vocabulary? Do you have a strong control of your emotions
without ever denying them and putting aside your empathy? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you have just confirmed that this is for you.

Profile sought
- Master's degree in social work and/or three (3) to five (5) years of experience in clinical work and intervention planning.
- Advanced knowledge and skills related to developmental disabilities, mental health, family work and systemic difficulties.
- Demonstrated ability to work in an interprofessional team setting.
- Bilingualism in oral and written communication is essential.
- Excellent interpersonal skills.
- Solution oriented: ability to intervene and provide tangible and valuable tools and resources.
- Good knowledge of the services available in the Eastern Region (Prescott-Russell, Cornwall, Ottawa, and Renfrew) would be an asset.

The Valor & Solutions culture
At Valor & Solutions, we specialize in professional and community development services. Our
mission is to "Create positive conditions for people to flourish". This is also important to our
employees. That's why we value a management style based on trust, a vibe where everyone is
accessible and where support is the basis of our professional relationships (which often become
friendly!). We know how to recognize the power behind complementary skills. This is a great
strength here. You are not expected to know how to do everything and be the best at everything.
You have colleagues who are there to support you, advise you, help you. We live and work by
the values of commitment, leadership and inclusion. That's why, even in a team environment,
we take great care to ensure that each individual finds his or her place and role. Because if it's
important to you, it becomes important to everyone.

*If none of the positions currently posted as available match your interests, please do not hesitate to let us know about your skills and your employment profile by submitting your application spontaneously to Applications will be retained for a period of six (6) months and we will notify you should a relevant position become available.