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Caroline Granger

We are all seeking a full life with plenty of interpersonal relationships, as well as trivial and extraordinary life experiences. Since starting at Valoris for children and adults of Prescott-Russell in 1998, Caroline has continued learning to understand better how to help the people we serve achieve this goal. Having held many positions within the organization over the years, she has discovered a passion for Social Role Valorization (SRV) and its implementation through multiple social interventions.

Holding a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Social Work from the Laurentian University, in Sudbury, Ontario; Caroline has held management positions since 2001 and continues her training in the field, recently getting an additional certification from the Disney Institute and the Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto).

Since 2015, Caroline is the Director of Valor & Solutions. She drives the organization by implementing her interests for collaborative work in social intervention, collective leadership, project management, strategic planning and dynamic change management.

Passionate about education, she also provides training when needed.

Telephone: (613) 249-8593, ext. 4710


Brigid FitzPatrick

Brigid FitzPatrick has an undergraduate degree in Sociology and Law in Society from the University of New Brunswick, a certificate in Alternate Dispute Resolution from York University, and a Masters of Arts in Leadership from the University of Guelph. Brigid has been with Valor & Solutions since 2008. She has held a number of roles within the organization and since 2012, has been the Manager of Operations.

Brigid’s work experience for the last 20 years has been rooted in disability, youth and mental health service sectors. She adeptly leads agencies through change, growing and improving the delivery of innovative and successful individual care programs. She strategically spearheads initiatives overcoming limited resources and systemic challenges. By engaging community partners, government funders, individuals, staff, and stakeholders through trust, transparency, and clear accountability, she ensures organizations are building responsive solutions to complex issues that respond to the community and individual’s needs.

Telephone: (613) 249-8593, ext. 4224


Your Team

Sylvie Duchesne
Sylvie DuchesneTraining Coordinatorsduchesne@valorsolutions.ca
Phone: (613) 249-8593, ext. 4729
Joëlle Joly-Laligant
Joëlle Joly-LaligantProject Coordinatorjjoly@valorsolutions.ca
Phone: (613) 249-8593, ext. 4758
Pascale Parisien
Pascale ParisienProject Coordinatorpparisien@valorsolutions.ca
Phone: (613) 249-8593, ext. 4722
Pascale Boucher
Pascale BoucherProject Coordinatorpboucher@valorsolutions.ca
Phone: (613) 249-8593, ext. 4722
Rachel Fournier
Rachel FournierProject Coordinatorrfournier@valorsolutions.ca
Phone: (613) 249-8593, ext. 4745


Your Team

Nathalie Portelance
Nathalie PortelanceAdministrative Coordinatornportelance@valorsolutions.ca
Phone: (613) 249-8593, ext. 4230
Andrée-Michèle Deslauriers
Andrée-Michèle DeslauriersIntake Coordinatoramdeslauriers@valorsolutions.ca
Phone: (613) 249-8593, ext. 4222
Aisha Stambouli
Aisha StambouliClinical Coordinatorastambouli@valorsolutions.ca
Phone: (613) 249-8593, ext. 4226
Erin Levesque
Erin LevesqueClinical Coordinatorelevesque@valorsolutions.ca
Phone: (613) 249-8593, ext. 4236
Daniel Fukumoto
Daniel FukumotoComplex Support Coordinatordfukumoto@valorsolutions.ca
Phone: (613) 249-8593, ext. 4232
Karla Hough
Karla HoughComplex Support Coordinatorkhough@valorsolutions.ca
Phone: (613) 249-8593, ext. 4237
Patricia Lamarche
Patricia LamarcheProvincial Coordinator, French Language Specialized Services Resourcepalamarche@valorsolutions.ca
Phone: (613) 249-8593, ext. 4227
Shaylee Lacombe-Théorêt
Shaylee Lacombe-ThéorêtClinical Coordinatorstheoret@valorsolutions.ca
Phone: (613) 249-8593, ext. 4251